The following table gives statistics showing the aspects of quality of life in five countries.

GN per head

(US do123rs)

The figures reveal the quality of life in five countries in 1982, namely Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia and the U.S.A.

It is clear from the table that Americans’ GNP was considerably higher than that of others, achieving at 13160 do123rs; its daily calorie supply for each person was also the highest at 3652. Meanwhile, Americans enjoyed the longest life expectancy at 74 years, while their infant mortality rate was the lowest at only 1.2%.

In contrast, the people in Bangladesh lived the poorest lives of all. This was most evident in its GNP at 140do123rs, being only one tenth of American, as well as the lowest of five countries. Besides, its and life expectancy were also the least at 1877 each person and 40 years respectively, while its infant mortality rate was the highest at 13.2% being ten times of American.

The other three countries maintain middle positions. The GNP of them, in decreasing order, were Egypt ($690), Indonesia ($580) and Bolivia ($570). The similar patterns can be seen in the other three columns. Specifically, life expectancy in Indonesia was 1 year less Bolivian, whereas its infant mortality rate was 10% less, compared with Egyptian,

Overall, we can see that there are significant differences in every aspect of quality of life in five countries.