1. Develop a positive/negative attitude to/ towards sth对某事持积极/消极的态度

2. Be easily accessible to sb 容易被某人使用

3. Hold negative stereotype about …对某事有成见

4. Create barriers to communication 对交流产生障碍

5. Value A over B 认为A比B更有价值

6. Cannot achieve work-life balance 难以平衡工作与生活

7. Deepen one’s understanding of sth.深化某人对某事的了解

8. Explore and reach one’s full potential 探索并发挥某人自身的最大潜能

9. Pose/ present a threat to.对。。造成威胁

10. A is a poor substitute for B A 事物是无法替代B 事物的

11. Impose a heavy burden 增加负担

12. Compromise A for B 为了实现B 而在A 方面做出妥协

13. Put a strain on..对。。构成很大的压力

14. Show no sign of improving 没有出现改善的迹象

15. In this respect/ regard 在这一方面

16. Transcend national boundaries 跨越国家界限

17. On a global scale 在全球范围内

18. A take priority over B A 由于B

19. Commit more money to..将更多的钱投入到。。。

20. Give sb an added incentive to do sth 让某人有更多的动力去做某事

21. Impose a ban on sth=ban sth禁止某事

22. Require a concerted effort by…需要。。多方协调一致的努力

23. Improve their employability 增进他们的就业适应性

24. Develop a solid grasp of..形成对。。的牢固把握

25. Produce well-rounded individuals 培养全面发展个人

26. Stifle sb’s creativity 抑制某人的创造力

27. An applicant’s skill set. 求职者的整体技能

28. Socially well-adjusted individuals 很好适应社会的人

29. Children are in their socially formative years. 儿童处于逐渐形成社会生活习惯的阶段

30. Disruptive students 扰乱纪律的学生

31. Natural domain for sb 某人天生就适合。。

32. Scholarships, bursaries and loans 奖学金、助学金和贷款

33. Fast-paced life 快节奏的生活

34. Strengthen family bonds促进家人间的亲情联系

35. Save on transport costs and commuting time节省交通费用和上下班时间

36. Profit-driven利润驱动的

37. Browse the internet 浏览网页

38. Internet fraud 网络欺骗

39. Destroy historical fabric 破坏历史的脉络

40. Spoil the appearance of a city 破坏市容

41. Deter potential driving offenders 抑制潜在的交通肇事者

42. People of retirement age 退休年龄的人们

43. Upgrade their skills on a regular basis 定期升级他们的技能

44. Problems that are global in scale 全球范围的问题

45. Spread out their operations in many countries 把企业运营扩展到许多的国家

46. Lead to strains in the relationship between countries 导致国家之间的关系紧张

47. Deplete natural resources 消耗自然资源

48. Dust storm 沙尘暴

49. Walk or cycle to and from work 步行或骑自行车上下班

50. Are on the brink of extinction 正濒临灭绝