Part 1


1Do you use headphones?

2When do you use headphones?

3What type of headphones do you use?

4In what occasions will you not use headphones?


1When did you start to learn science?

2Is there any technology that you think is helpful in daily life?

3Do you think science classes are important?

4What is your favorite subject of science?


1Do you prefer to write letters by hand or by computer?

2Do you think computers might one day replace handwriting?

3How can children today improve or practice their handwriting?


1Do you like shoes/Are you interested in shoes?

2Do you ever buy shoes online?

3Do you prefer comfortable shoes, or good-looking fashionable shoes?

4What kind of shoes do you like the most?

Public parks or gardens:

1What do you usually do when you go to a park or garden?

2How have parks changed today compared to the time when you were a child?

3Would you prefer to go to a personal garden or public garden?

Pets and animals:

1Did you have any pets when you were a child?

2Do you like to see animals in the zoo?

3What’s your favorite animal?

4What is the most popular animal in China?

Part 2&3

Describe a person who gave a clever solution to a problem.

You should say:

Who the person is

When you met this person

What the problem was

And explain why you think it was a clever solution

Part 3

1Do you think children are born with certain degree of cleverness? Or their intelligence can be nurtured?

2What can schools do to students' intellectual development?

3Why do you think some people are really good at something?

4Why do different kinds of intelligence are needed in this modern society?

Describe a time when you got up early.

You should say:

When it was

What you did

Why you got up early

And explain how you felt about it

Part 3

1Do you know anyone who likes to get up early?

2Why do people get up early?

3What kinds of occasions need people to arrive early?

4Why so some people like to stay up late?

Describe a cafe you like to visit.

You should say:

Where it is

What kind of food and drinks they serve there

What you do there

And explain why you like to visit this place.

Part 3

1What kind of people like to go to a cafe?

2Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

3Do old people like to drink coffee?

4Do Chinese people like to drink coffee?

Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading.

You should say:

When you read it

What kind of book it is

What it is about

And explain why you think it is exciting

Part 3

1Do you prefer books or movies?

2Do you think it is important to read the book before watching the movie version of it?

3Do boys and girls like the same kinds of books?

4What kinds of books do Chinese people like reading?

Describe an item on which you spent more than expected.

You should say:

What it is

How much you spent on it

Why you bought it

And explain why you think you spent more than expected

Part 3

1Do you often buy more than you expected?

2What do you think young people spend most of their money on?

3Do you think it is important to save money?