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雅思口语part2新题范文:special cake特殊蛋糕

Describe an activity near the sea

you should say:

What it is

What you should prepare

And explain how you feel about it




Well, I in my life I have tasted so many birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, and marriage cakes. But after reading the word “special cake”, there’s only one cake which I think is special. So here I would talk about it.

It is a red velvet cake. Red Velvet cake is a red or red-brown layer cake and this cake is usually topped with yummy cream cheese frosting. Unlike normal cakes, this cake has a blood red interior. It's common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, cocoa, and flour for the cake, beetroot for the colour.

As it is commonly served on Christmas or Valentine's Day, So I got chance to taste this cake last year.

Itasted this cake in a Christmas Party held at Hyatt Hotel in Ludhiana. Overall, it was a Christmas party with lots of fun and games. Hopefully, I would be going there this year also.

As I said earlier I tasted this cake in a party, so I had this cake with everyone who was present in the party. No doubt, majority of them were not known to me, but while celebrating, we all enjoyed the party together. I was familiar there with only one person, and that was my friend – Barack Obama.

Well, I believe this cake is very special. It is because for the first time in my life, I tasted a cake which was red in colour. Moreover, it was 4 tier cake. And interesting this about this cake is that Red velvet cake is colored with beets, instead of artificial food colouring. This cake is also called as “red Waldorf cake,” “red carpet cake,” “red mystery cake,” “flame cake,” and “$300 cake”.

雅思口语Part 2:特殊蛋糕

Describe an activity near the sea

you should say:

What it is

What you should prepare

And explain how you feel about it



The occasion that I had a special cake was two years ago. It was the last few months of my university. I had completed my dissertation and the job I had found did not start yet. So to kill the spare time, my best friend and I decided to have a travel to Tsingtao, a famous tourist city, with yummy seafood and mild climate.


One day, after we finished the tour to the undersea world, it was already 6 o'clock in the afternoon, a time for dinner. We randomly picked a restaurant on the street and ordered some local dishes. Then he said he would go out for a moment to make a phone call, as the restaurant was very noisy. I said 'fine, I will just wait here'. It was a long wait, and he did not return until the dishes were served. In his hand, I found a cake. That was when I suddenly realized that that day was my birthday and he had not been out to make a phone call, but to look for a cake shop.


It was just a normal cake, with some cream and cereal crisps, and did not have any delicate decorations. But it was the most special and delicious cake I had ever had. We were in a foreign city, exhausted from the trip, but he still remembered my birthday which I had already forgotten. The cake was the symbol of our friendship.



Describe an occasion that you had a special cake

You should say:

When you had this cake

Where you had this cake

Who were with you

And explain why you think it was special




Last month my best friend Cynthia once went to Paris for a business trip. And she brought me a box of delicate chestnut cake, which I think it’s very special till now. They were hexagon shape cake with rich and fine icing sugar on the top. All side edges were decorated with M&M’s chocolate beans, they were colorful and cute even with tiny smile faces on each topside. They had delicate and smooth taste. The strong fresh chestnut and chocolate fragrance was so tempting. There were all six cakes in the box. Cynthia and I ate them together at the roadside. A homeless cat shared it with us.

Ithink it’s special till now because I haven’t eaten such authentic chestnut cakes before. Besides that, Cynthia just suffered a failure in a relationship before she went to Paris for a business trip. She was driven to a state of broken-down because of the “jerk”. I tried to comfort her and drop everything. But it’s easier said than done. She was afraid of making mistakes during the business trip but I told her to relax and regarded it as an opportunity for travelling. When she rushed to see me and told me that everything would be fine, she brought me the cake. Desserts are the best solutions to sad girls. The chestnut cakes marked a new start for Cynthia.


What kinds of special food do Chinese like to eat in special festivals?

What do people in your country like to eat in public holidays?

What's the difference between the food northerners like to eat and the food southerner like to eat?

What do people in your country like to eat on special occasions?


Part2&3 旧题部分–事物类:特别的蛋糕


Describe a cake that is special to you.

You should say:

What kind of cake it is

When you ate it

Whom you ate it with

And explain why you think the cake is special


What kind of special food do Chinese people like to eat on festivals?

What’s the difference between the food northerners like to eat and that southerners like to eat in your country?




Iwould like to talk about one of my best friends’ birthday party last year, which was an unforgettable occasion to me because of a really special cake.

While I do not have a sweet tooth, most of my friends are big fans of confections. I guess some of them can even be called ‘sweet addicts’. Anyway, that’s why they decided to make a red velvet cake as a birthday gift for Kelly, one of my best friends in high school. Since it was for Kelly, I rolled up my sleeves and gave them a hand despite my limited baking skills.

It took us three days to complete the baking, and the moment Kelly saw the nicely baked cake decorated with flowers, she was totally in awe, since none of us ‘bakers’ was actually a decent cook. The truth is, it was not easy for a group of green hands to get together and try making this work. We first had a big fight over whether we should make Kelly a Choco Lave cake or a red velvet cake. The fight has been on for a whole day and we finally decided to make her the latter because she once said that red velvet cake looked cute. I can’t remember how many times there were when someone accidentally messed up with the eggs, or forgot to take the cake out of the oven. After times of failing, we finally managed to have baked a lovely red velvet cake that smells really nice. The cream was rich and the color was just about right. To be honest, it somehow reminded me of a rose in spring. Well, I guess I was just being too happy about what we had achieved.

On Kelly’s birthday party, we shared the cake with a whole bunch of other guests, and everyone there agreed it was delicious. A bit oversweet though, probably because some of us had put too much sugar in it. In spite of this, Kelly said she loved it as much as she loved us, and the cake was the best birthday gift she ever received. Well, I have to admit that, her words had made it all worthwhile and special.