雅思口语题库P3话题答案范文:Describe a city/town you’ve visited that you like

范文示例 Describe a city/town you’ve visited that you like

1. What makes a city a good one to live in? 是什么让城市宜居?

Oh, a lot of factors, to my mind. The ones I consider the most important for life are affordability, I mean housing expenses, the prices for consumable goods, the price of petrol, utility services, taxes and stuff like that, and accessibility, appearance and amenities, that is the presence of the airport, train and bus stations, good transport links, a number of educational institutions, a wide array of recreational facilities, shopping malls, parks and gardens and, of course, hospitals. I would also add good employment Opportunities and low rates to my priority list, oh, and the climate as well.

2. What can people do to improve the air quality in the city? 为了提高城市的空气质量,人们可以做哪些事?

Well, stop using polluting vehicles, first of all, I mean petrol and diesel cars, and start using battery-driven vehicles or public transport. This will significantly improve air quality levels as well as save some money for car owners. It's also a good idea to ride a bike if there are special cycling lanes in the area or walk around instead of using private cars. One more really vital thing for improving the air quality is greening the city. I mean planting trees, bushes and flowers in the yards, gardens and parks.

雅思口语题库P3话题答案范文:Describe your favorite piece of clothing

示例范文:Describe your favorite piece of clothing

1. What kinds of clothes do people wear after work? 人们下班后穿什么衣服?

Well, to my mind, it depends on where people spend this time after work. If they first go to the gym or play tennis and then meet friends for a cup of tea or just to have a chat, they can have jogging suits or warm-ups or any other active casual clothes on. If they plan to have an informal dinner with friends in some upscale restaurant, then girls can put on some blouse or turtle-neck, crisp jeans and a fashionable belt as well as flats or mid-heel shoes and men some long-sleeve shirt and dress trousers with a tripped belt and leather loafers. If people go to some event in an art gallery or theatre and then to dinner with friends, they should stick to dressy casual like a dress or coordinated separates in semi-dressy fabrics for women and a dress or silk sport shirt and dress trousers for men. The shoes should take on a dressier tone both for male and female. If somebody just plans to run errands or go for a massage, they can wear something like cotton pants and o button-down or polo-style shirt with some sneaker-type shoes just to comfortable.

2. What kinds of clothes should people wear at work? 人们上班应该穿什么衣服?

Iguess it depends on the position they hold and the company they work for. In some companies employees are allowed to dress freely or casually for comfort, which mostly works in a creative work environment. However, companies in which employees continuously deal with clients and business partners, as a rule, need a dress code to maintain a work-related image. If a person holds a top-level position, they should wear so called boardroom attire. It is a tailored suit in a solid neutral colour with a white collared button-up shirt and a modest tie and closed-toe oxfords for men and a perfect fit pant suit or skirt suit in a conservative neutral colour with a white collared button-up shirt, conservative accessories and closed-toe heels neutral colour for women. A bit less formal, business professional clothing is just the same spick span and traditional, though a little bit more loose so far as colour or pattern are concerned. The most common dress code is business casual letting employees add spice to their office giving more choice in colour and accessories.

3. Where do people in your country buy clothes? 你国家的人在哪里买衣服?

It seems to me that people in my country buy clothes everywhere where they can find bargains. These can be shops, department stores, outlets, markets and even boutiques when people look for something special and branded. But it's becoming more and more popular to buy clothes in online shops because online shopping does not only lessen people's expenses but also gives them more time to spend with the family. Moreover, shopping online is really convenient, because it's much easier to trek from site to site than from floor to floor having a wide range of clothing choices to select from and a chance to compare prices the same or similar products that are of interest.

雅思口语题库Part3话题答案范文:Describe an interesting conversation with a stranger

示例范文:Describe an interesting conversation with a stranger

1. Do you prefer chatting face to face or texting? 你更喜欢面对面聊天还是打字?

Oh, of course I opt for face to face chatting whenever it's possible 'cause communicating this way I can express my feelings and ideas much better, minimize the risk of miscommunication and be sure my message is heard. Talking face to face I can also get an immediate feedback, which is often really important. Though sometimes I prefer texting, for example in situations where other means of communication are not possible or appropriate like during meetings, classes and seminars or when I don't want others to hear what I am saying.

2. Do you think women chat more than men? 你觉得女性比男性聊天更多吗?

Well, mostly yes as it's women's nature to chat a lot to overcome monotony. Women are more emotional than men and whenever they get some information or ideas, they immediately want to share them with everyone. One more reason why women talk more than men is the fact that they want connection and closer relationships with others. Though, I can also say that in many cases who talks more depends on the individual or context of the conversation. So, it depends.

3. Why do some people prefer to tell secrets to strangers? 为什么一些人更愿意和陌生人说话?

Oh, I think because talking to strangers can be less embarrassing as people feel less judged by them. What is more, such people are usually not preoccupied with how strangers are viewing them, how this will affect their relationship and so on. They are also not concerned about stranger's gossiping about their secret. Or maybe they like sharing secrets with strangers 'cause they hope to see a new perspective with their help and, as a result, find some solution.

There can be lots of reasons, I guess.

4. Why are social networking websites so popular nowadays? 为什么如今社交网站这么受欢迎?

Well, I think, first of all, because they have the ability to connect people and keep them engaged with friends, family, colleagues and people they want to be friends with. They also attract so much attention because they give people a voice letting them present themselves, their beliefs, ideas and opinions and this wav help them in establishing their brand online. One more reason I see is the fact that social networks allow users to create groups which let likeminded people share their interests and hobbies; as allow them to become informed aspects of people, companies, news and other things of interest in a way that convenient, efficient and fast.

雅思口语题库P3话题答案范文:a company or organization that employs a lot of people

示例范文:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people (延用)

1. What is the difference between big companies and small companies? 大公司和小公司有哪些不同?

Well, I guess everything is different from business size and organizational structure to communication and allocation of resources. For example, small companies mainly focus on a niche market, while big businesses tend to offer a variety of products and services worldwide. Also. in small companies strategic decision-making is more centralized as virtually all business decisions are made by company owners, The bigger the company is, the more decision-making authority spreads r among the various layers of management. One more thing I she mention is that in small companies each employee is responsible for a wide range of tasks, while in large companies worker has a specific operational role.

2. Are there many big companies in your country? 你国家有很多大公司吗?

Oh yeah. There are plenty of big companies in India these days. I guess the main reasons for this are the enormous size and increasing wealth of the market, economic liberalization, robust domestic demand and a young population of the country. Top 10 biggest companies in India are state-owned or controlled oil and gas businesses, manufacturing companies and banks. One more thing which explains why there is a big number of large companies in my country is that India is the most attractive market for investment, n due to its low labor costs and a high return on investment.

3. What are the good things about working for a big company? 为大公司工作有什么好处?

Oh, big companies always provide employees with big opportunities. Working for a large corporation you become part of a huge community and create invaluable networks, you get access to a host of resources such as specialist training courses and additional qualifications, you have tremendous room for upward and sideways growth opportunities without having to leave. What is more, you have greater security and a more steady work pace than employees of small businesses.

4. How can a small company grow big? 小公司如何成长为大公司?

Ithink one of the most efficient ways to expand business these days is to go where its audience is on the web. What I mean is to start social accounts with

Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn and inform potential or existing customers about novelties and special offers attracting their attention to the company again and again and motivating them to buy more and more. Some more ways to help a company grow big are to diversify its product or service, target other markets, merge or acquire another business and, of course, some motivational stuff like encourage employees to explore more efficient approaches to increasing sales and reward the team for meeting budgets and time lines.

5. Should big companies be punished more seriously than small companies? 大公司

Definitely yes! Fines must differ depending on the size of the company and its profit. If big companies get a fine which small companies can afford to pay, they just won't feel responsible and continue to violate laws. One more reason for big corporations to be punished more seriously than small companies is the fact that the bigger the company is, the bigger the scope and depth of its effects are. For instance, the level of pollution caused by a small company is significantly different from the one caused by a big multinational corporation, which, of course, must entail a different level of responsibility a punishment.