It is suggested that everyone wants to own a car, a TV and a fridge. Do the disadvantages to society outweigh the advantages?



To lead a comfortable life, it is commonplace that everyone desires ahatchbackand sundry electric appliances. Personally, I tend to regard this as advantageous to society.


老题,注意优缺点都要从社会的层面去分析。还是要看出大作文的内核,所有人拥有这些商品,从属的大话题无非是“科技”与“环境”的冲突。与去年12月的某题内核相似,读者可以自己类比一下:The key to solving environmental problems is simple: the present generation is to accept a less comfortable life for the sake of the future generation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Ø hatchback n.[C] 掀背式汽车

Body 1

Admittedly, people who oppose such a trend do have a point. One of the reasons why we should not do so is that the environment has beenimpactedby human activities to a large extent. There are either instances where city-dwellers are suffering fromchronic respiratory diseasesowing to the poor air quality incurred byexhaustemissions ofautomobiles, or instances where the increasing usage of these household devices pose heavier pressure on electricity supply, furtherwreaking havoc onnatural resources. // However, behind those problems are a silver lining, which indicates that such crisis can be resolved with technologies progressing. Worldwide, scientists devote themselves to developing renewable energy, which has already alleviated theaforementionedissues.


让步(此类消费的坏处):对环境会有一定程度的破坏:(1)用私家车 → 尾气排放 → 有害人们健康;(2)用家电 → 更多供电需求 → 能源消耗增多

Ø impact vt. 影响

Ø chronic respiratory diseases 慢性呼吸疾病

Ø exhaust n.[U] 尾气

Ø automobile n.[C] 汽车

Ø wreak havoc on sth. 对…造成破坏

Ø aforementioned adj. 前面提到的

Body 2

On the other hand, the consumption of those basic facilities can bring more benefits. As the increasing sales figures for cars and household equipment are often associated with more jobs and wealth being created for society, both economic and technology development will bespurred, offering betterprerequisitesto resolving environment crisis and improving the health level of the general population, while less frequent usage of those products will bring both economic growth and technology advancement to astandstill. More accurately, sacrificing the current comfortable life to a large extent meanscompellingpeople to enjoy less convenience brought by advancing technologies and thus working in a rather lower efficiency, which, in the long term, will demotivate researchers toimplementscientific research for technology progresses andshacklethe industrial growth.


反驳:保留现有的生活方式 → 维持高效生产 → 促进经济和科技发展 → 解决环境和健康问题 [对比论证] 减少对此类商品的依赖 → 不便利性带来的低效,反而会造成经济停摆,阻碍科技进步

Ø spur vt. 刺激;促进

Ø prerequisite n. 先决条件

Ø bring sth. to a standstill静止(状态); 停顿,停滞

Ø compel vt. 迫使

Ø implement vt. 实施

Ø shackle vt. 阻挠


In the light of the above, the finalverdictis quite crystal-clear. Though such a trend may cause health and environment problems, the disadvantages of leading a comfortable lifepale into insignificancewhen set against the advantages, as economic growth and technology progresses will be stimulated with higher working efficiency and social productivity.



Ø verdict n. 意见;结论

Ø pale into insignificance 使显得不那么重要;使相形见绌