Describe an unusual experience of traveling

You should say:

Where you went

When you went there

Who you were with

What you did there

And explain why it is unusual


Describe an experience that you went out with your friends and had a good time

You should say:

Where you went

When you went out

What you did

And explain why you had a good time



首先,介绍基本情况,3W(when, where, who)+1H(how);




1. 食物很unusual: 四川人特别喜欢在hot pot(火锅)里涮各种奇奇怪怪的食材,比如pig brain(猪脑), solid duck blood(鸭血), rabbit head(兔头)等等,一般北方人似乎都不太能吃习惯,I myself think it is definitely unacceptable and disgusting;

2. 生活极其悠闲:各种tea house(茶馆),mahjong parlor麻将馆,露天采耳摊(open-air ear cleaning stall)比比皆是,似乎四川人过的都非常佛系。



Well, I’d like to share with you my experience before. That was a few years ago, I went to Sichuan to travel with 3 girlfriends.

Iremember that was during a winter vacation, we made the plan and packed everything and went to Chengdu by train.

Over there, we visited many interesting places, but the most impressive experience to me is the trip to a museum called San Xing Dui which was a relic of a community about 6000-8000years ago and located outside Chengdu city about 1 hour driving distance.

When we first got there, we thought it probably like any other museum with some ancient objects. And to our surprise, there were much stuff but none of them we have seen before. It was really an eye-opener.

Everything there was made of bronze, but the shapes of them and the symbolized meanings are just unique and exotic. For example, there were so many bronze masks, but place where the eyes should be have two long sticks protruded out, just weird~! Because people lived in this tribe believed their ancestor had such pair of eyes. At that time, I wonder are they aliens?

Plus, we saw a giant bronze tree and dragon, and I love that bronze tree most. Because first it was quiet tall, about 2 or 3 floors high, and which was the symbol of the path to the heaven. Ancient Chinese believed there was a tree could connect the human world and the heaven. If people wanted to go to the heaven, they just need to find it and climb this tree, but which could use their whole life to look for or really climb it. And the Sun and Moon also rose every day from the east and west part of the tree. How fantastic it is! Those wonderful stories.

We really learned a lot there, which totally changed my idea about our history. After that, i knew, there used to be a very exotic culture done here.so this trip is very special in my point of view, and we certainly enjoy it very much!


Describe a trip that you plan to go on in the near future

You should say:

Where this place is

Who you would like to go with

What would you do there and explain why you would like to go there




Irecently plan to go to Los Angeles with my friends. There are lots of beautiful beaches and rich North American culture on the west coast of the United States.

First of all, I love shopping. There are many shopping malls and high street fashion in Los Angeles such as supreme. Second, I am big fan of American movies. There are famous Hollywood in Los Angeles. I will experience how the American movie is made. Third, I love Disney so much. There are a variety of interesting projects at Disneyland in Los Angeles such as jumping machines, roller coaster and so on.

These attractions make me so exciting, and I looking forward to going to Los Angeles as soon as possible. This trip in Los Angeles can not only expand my views, but also train my English.





Tips for answering this Cue card question:

You are free to talk about any journey you are comfortable to talk about. It can be journey to another city of your country, to a historic or tourist place, a foreign country or to a relative or friend’s house to a different location. While talking about this cue card, take some notes about a journey you remember particularly where you went, what was the purpose of going there, how you travelled there, what you saw on your way and at the place, what you did, how long you stayed, whom you met there, who you went there with.

If you liked the journey tell about some exciting things you watched and did there than the usual things you do. For instance: you can mention some of the great places you visited there, the sightseeing of the journey. Do not focus too much on the place you went rather emphasize what happened on the way. This cue card is bit different that ‘Describe a place you have visited’ where you would mostly describe things you watched and did on the place but for this cue card you should mostly tell about your experience during the journey.

Some key points to mention for this cue card:

You had a plan to visit this place for a long time and when you had the journey, you had been excited about the whole thing.

You would meet a friend or relative after a long and that made you feel good.

You have some memories related to this place and visiting there was a good experience for you.

If this is a foreign country, say that you had a longing to visit this country.

The weather was comfortable and there was no interruption on the way.

You had friends with you and you enjoyed their company as well as the vehicles.

This was not a typical journey that you usually take.

The natural beauty surrounding the roads was charming.

You observed some different custom and culture there.

If you plan to say that you did not enjoy the journey focus on the following points:

You did not intend to go there but you had no other choice.

The weather was not good and that made the journey difficult.

You did not like the vehicles that you took for the journey.

It took a very long time which was tiresome.

You got sick during the journey.

There was no interesting thing to do or watch.

The vehicle was a public transport and stopped several times.

Some other cue cards that you should be able to answer if you prepare for this cue card:

1. Talk about an interesting journey you took recently.

2. Describe a visit to one of your relative’s house.

3. Describe your journey to your home town.

4. Describe a journey you took to a foreign city.

5. Talk about a journey you disliked.

6. Describe a journey you remember.

7. Describe one of your memorable journeys.


Ilike visiting famous places and whenever I get vacation, I try to visit new places or places that I have heard about. One such trip that I took with one of my friends was a journey to Holland. I would like to talk about this tour to Holland that we took 2 years age.

Both of us (me and my friend) wanted to visit Holland and specifically Amsterdam, Hague and Rotterdam very much because we saw pictures and heard stories from friends about how beautiful and wonderful the place is. So finally we applied for visa, bought plane tickets, booked a hotel, packed our bags and our trip began.

We spent a lot of time before our holiday, researching of all the interesting places to visit and all the sights to see. So we went to Rijks museum, Van Gogh museum, Amstell Beer museum, took a romantic sunset cruise in the water channels, drove to Volendam, a small prettiest fisherman village, visited a cheese farm. We went to Rotterdam, which is the architecture city of Holland that stimulates innovation. We enjoyed the architectures and building there as much as we did walking in the neat roads and besides the beaches. Visiting the famous Anne Frank house was an exciting moment for me. I’ve read the Anne Frank’s Diary in my early childhood and witnessing the place was very much exciting.

Every evening we took long walks along the channels, resting in small gardens, which Amsterdam has a lot of. Street artists were performing everywhere and a lot of people came to watch their show.

We enjoyed very much everything we did and especially in such a beautiful country. Having my friend by my side on this trip made it even more fun. Since we have never been to Holland, everything we saw and did seemed interesting and completely new to us. The people, their way to interpretation their culture attracted us very much. Before leaving the place, both of us agreed that the place is worth visiting and someday we would come back to re-explore it.


套用旅游板块的素材,先可以对于旅游的行程,所见美景进行一番描述,围绕有趣,可具体讲一讲描述旅游过程中特殊的经历,也可用较常规的思路来谈谈收获,同时多点题,体现趣味,如1. make friends/meet some foreigners 2. Learn more about a totally different culture 叙述过程中不断点题说明交朋友的乐趣,学习文化的乐趣